Chicken in Light Coconut Red Pepper Sauce


This recipe was inspired in light of starting off the new year on a lighter note. When trying to eat light, it can be hard to implement healthier choices upon the entire family…not everyone can see that lighter choices can also be as tasty.

In my household, my go-to for getting everyone to eat their veggies without complaining is by making sauce! I just puree the the added veggies into the sauce, and no one knows they are there. Serve over pasta or rice, and you have a quick fix with tons of vitamin C, no veggies pushed to the side of the plate, or any “I don’t like this…”.

I’m one who loves rich sauces, like Alfredo, any cream sauce, or cheesy sauce. One of my pantry staples is also coconut milk, it makes fabulous sauces as well.

This Coconut red pepper sauce if the perfect light sauce, Continue reading

Banana Oat Squares



Alright, so as much as a bake for the holidays, I’ve introduced my kids to baking as well. My daughter is especially fond of it. One weekend we found ourselves in p.js watching these really creative cake making tutorials . Seeing as the videos were about 9 mins long, my daughter has this preconceived notion that making a cake that looks like the castle from Frozen is easy and only takes 10 minutes.

Clearly thats not the case, and there was really no birthday or occasion that needed us to make a 3 tier cake,but we could still bake something… Continue reading

Turkey Chili With Savory Cheddar Biscuits


Happy New Year! So I guess this is the time of year most of us make resolutions to do better, in that case my first resolution is to blog more.

I get consumed with everything else that I forget to think about my blog, or I ┬ájust put meals together that I feel aren’t worthy of a post. So I would really like to change that, I love food and I enjoy cooking so there is really no reason, I shouldn’t have the camera ready and practice some photography in the process. Continue reading

Weeknight Fix: Chicken Potstickers


Ok so it has been quite a while, and taking pictures using my cellphone camera has been horrendous.

I decided to come back with a bang!…well, not really but how about I tell you that pot stickers may sound like they will take forever and use super complicated ingredients (I thought so) but they are actually pretty easy and boy do they taste delish! Continue reading

Weeknight Fix: Gnocchi with Sausage

IMG_9141As I much as I love cooking, when I get home from work I just don’t have the energy to put a considerable amount of energy into dinner.I’ll opt for one pot meal or something pretty easy to bake. Although I like simplicity,I also like variety.

As much as I love pasta, its always nice to switch things up in the pasta family. Gnocchi is an awesome switch taking into account the 2 min cooking time! Continue reading

Kid Fix: Cereal Cookies

My kids love being creative and making messes, I think they go hand in hand. When they want to get creative in the kitchen,I find it opens up a wonderful window of opportunity to teach them a few things, as well as allowing them to be little chefs.


I’m pretty sure I have one of the few 6 year olds that doesn’t like chocolate (I still have no idea how that happened, definitely not my gene pool).Among her disgust for chocolate, she has nut allergies, and texture issues. So I really need a good brainstorm when thinking of what fun desserts she can take part in. Continue reading