Holiday Season is my absolute favorite, I love doing festive things with my family, especially in the kitchen. 

I have been looking for holiday recipe inspiration, while I did find a very cute mitten cookie cutter, what really caught my eye has been these melting snow man hot chocolates.

We don't get snow here in Houston, but with this recipe we can definitely build a snowman!

What you need:

  • large marshmallows
  • chocolate chips, melted
  • white chocolate chips,melted + orange food coloring
  • your favorite hot chocolate

Notice I didn't list ingredient measurements because it depends on how many hot chocolates you plan to make.

You can melt chocolate chips in the microwave in 15 second intervals (I did about 3 intervals) you may need more if you have more chocolate chips. Mix the chips until melted and smooth, you can add in a tiny bit of oil to give the melted chocolate a better consistency.

Pour the melted in a ziploc bag, and cut a tiny snip off the end.

Decorate your marshmallows as snowman faces, I used white chocolate chips colored orange for the nose. Decorate other marshmallows as bodies, you can add buttons

Stick your marshmallows in the fridge for few mins just so the chocolate hardens, make your favorite hot chocolate and watch your snowman melt! 




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