Holiday Season is my absolute favorite, I love doing festive things with my family, especially in the kitchen. 

I have been looking for holiday recipe inspiration, while I did find a very cute mitten cookie cutter, what really caught my eye has been these melting snow man hot chocolates.


It's holiday season, with holidays all around it's easy to get caught up and order all the festive lattes, pretty holiday packaged treats, and everything else...

I for one, am guilty of enjoying the holidays and everything delicious it has to offer. Thanksgiving just passed us, and christmas is around the corner. I can't even deny that I will be chirstmas baking, for the time being I thought I would hit the gym a little more often and savour some healthier choices


During the week, our days our early and evenings are tiresome...when you aren't in the mood to give the kitchen you all your best bet is choosing a few ingredients that do a lot.




Brussels Sprouts are infamously known for being such a dreaded vegetable, I feel like that's because we don't treat them right!

In our house, we love our brussels sprouts ( there's even requests for seconds).



I don't consider myself a morning person, as much as I consider myself a breakfast person. I am not the get up and go type, I get up and want breakfast.

I am not one to refuse brunch, and you will probably never hear me say that I didn't eat breakfast, if I do it's probably a very bad day.

It is the most important meal after all..



Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

  I have a life long love for sweets, and I mean indulgent, ri 

BBQ Baked Wings

In light of National Beer Day, I thought I would highlight an e