This recipe is dedicated to those really hectic days, mainly because it's easy. The best part is it tastes absolutely delicious!

Zucchini is my all time favorite summer squash, it just works! ....with everything. seriously.


I thoroughly enjoy cooking, as much as I love putting together dishes as fast as I can, sometimes you need to make a dish with a little more patience.

Risotto is absolutely delicious,


Sometimes what I have in the fridge doesn't always correlate with what I want to cook...but I think these are the times I have the opportunity to get creative.

This time I had the things I needed for chicken tacos, except for tortillas. When I saw that I still has some wonton wrappers I thought...perfect!


Weeknights tend be rushy for us, bu just because we are in a hurry doesn't mean dinner can't be delicious!


This recipe is gourmet and super quick to make! I really wanted to make a shrimp and grits recipe but I never got around to picking up some fresh shrimp...I did have some talapia, I thought would sub in nicely!

I was in the mood for a light flavorful fish! I marinated the fish with olive oil, cilantro, garlic, and white wine. I had some instant gritsand some left over coconut milk. Perfect match.


Healthy Mac & Cheese

This recipe was inpsired by my son. He loves Mac and Cheese, any kin 


Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

  I have a life long love for sweets, and I mean indulgent, ri