Winter is here, and baby it’s cold outside! Days are much shorter, and with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there isn’t nearly enough time..or so it feels.

Well I have just the thing! A warm, comforting, recipe that is easy to make, a perfect dinner to have when you are finished christmas shopping. This meal will put you in a relaxed mood, so you can enjoy delicious food while admiring your christmas decor.


For dinner I had planned to grill up some sausages, and make a quick side, but of course I had no sausage buns. I had no intention of being creative, as I had a huge headache, there was homework I was helping my daughter with, all the while trying to find my son’s missing Hotwheels car (that could have been anywhere).




There are some nights I just don’t feel like cooking; some nights I’d rather toss a boxed store-bought meal into the microwave and be done with it all, eating that is. On these nights, I would, without a thought about it, opt for the unhealthy meal choice in order to satisfy my hunger. To add cream to the pie, I’d watch TV while stuffing my face (that’s a “no-no” for all you soon-to-be health junkies), then go to sleep immediately after (double no-no).


I am a huge fan of mushrooms, I will eat them raw with some dip on a vegetable platter anytime. I absolutely love cooking them, they cook up beautifully and release their earthiness and subtle sweetness, which really compliments meat and pasta dishes.


Healthy Mac & Cheese

This recipe was inpsired by my son. He loves Mac and Cheese, any kin 


Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

  I have a life long love for sweets, and I mean indulgent, ri